Arrest of anti-chamber protesters : We must stop the unlawful act - Kweku Baako

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
Kweku Baako
Kweku Baako

Editor of the New Crusading Guide, Kweku Baako has described as unlawful for some individuals to storm parliament and disrupt proceedings.

Speaking on Joy FM's new analysis programme 'Newsfile', Kweku Baako said there are legal means to make one's case but not the ones that go against the Constitution of the Republic.

The New Crusading Guide Editor, Kweku Baako who was reacting to the arrest and subsequent release of some members of anti-chamber demo group noted that the action of the members to disrupt proceedings is unlawful and must not be condoned by anybody.

"I've heard people rationalising and defending it including some MPs and I was surprised MPs will rationalise and justify that, the conduct flies in the face of the Parliament Act 1965, the standing orders of Parliament and the constitution of Ghana, we are not in a military government where our rights are curtailed so we are enabled to use all means sometimes even unorthodox means to deal with situations, this is a democracy with all its limitations and challenges we fought to bring into being the public order Act and people went to court the Constitution guarantees it and we had to operationalise it..."

"We are widening the democratic space through agitations, advocacy and some level of crusading.... we should not encourage people to use unorthodox or illegal means," Kweku Baako added

Convener of demo group, two others released

The convener of the demo group, Economic Fighters League, who was arrested Friday morning for disrupting Parliamentary procedure have been released.

The convener Ernesto Kofi Yeboah was released on bail by the Ministries police with two others Abeiku Adams and a third who is yet to be identified - all members of pressure group Economic Fighters League.

Mr. Yeboah and Mr. Adams told Joy FM the police’s action during their arrest and subsequent move to the police station left a lot to be desired.

According to Mr. Adams, although he was cooperating with the police during his was arrested, he was still manhandled.