Comfortable Lead: NPP beats NDC by 52% in polls

By Clement Edward Kumsah

Polls conducted by the Political Science Department of the University of Ghana suggest that if elections were held in 2017, the incumbent NPP government will be retained.

According to the report, out of some 5000 respondents interviewed in 250 electoral areas across the country, a total of 52.7% of Ghanaians confirmed that they will vote for the Akufo-Addo led government again.

Whereas a trivial 33.1% of the vote for will go favour of the opposition NPP.


The 5000 respondents were sampled in all ten regions. The organisers selected 250 electoral areas with at least 18 constituencies believed to be NDC stronghold and 14 constituencies believed to be NPP stronghold. The survey was conducted late last year.

Counting of ballot papers in GhanaCounting of ballot papers in Ghana

62% of Ghanaians endorses NPP’s performance

The survey also revealed that the Akufo Addo government’s approval rating in its first year stands at 62%.

In a research conducted by the Department which focused on democratic governance, 49% of the 5000 voters sampled, endorsed the Free Senior High School [SHS] programme, making it one of the popular initiatives of the government.

It was followed by government’s fight against illegal mining, which was at 37% whereas 64% of Ghanaians backed the government decision for the establishment of the office of the special prosecutor. News