Eid-al-Fitr : Akufo Addo's gov't should declare its position on ''hijab'' - Dep. Chief Imam

By Wendy Amarteifio
Eid-al-Fitr : Akufo Addo's govt shld declare its position on ''hijab'' - Dep.chief Imam

The Deputy National Chief Imam of the Ahlul-Sunna Wajamaa, Sheik Mohammed Kamil, has called on the government to declare its position on the wearing of the Islamic veil, popularly called Hijab, by women in Ghana.

Sheik Kamil in his Eid message urged the President to speak out on the issue, according to him the Mahama-led administration boldly came out to speak on the issue and there was finality on it.

“When John Mahama was in power, he came out and spoke about this matter so we want this government to come out and let his people know that Ghana is a secular country and is not for Christians, so they can’t control us; they can’t ask us to do what they want. We are Muslims, we will stay Muslims, we will die Muslims,” he stated.

Sheik Mohammed Kamil claims female Muslims who put on Hijab are being harassed by authorities in some schools and other state agencies.

“These days, what is going on in Ghana, we are not happy about it. It is about our females who wear the Hijab to schools and other Government institutions.

''I think they are now being harassed for wearing Hijab. I don’t think it is a good practice, because they have to be tolerant to Islam, to the Muslims and to our daughters''.

''That is our religion. You cannot take us out of the religion, so they should exercise restraint, if not we are not going to sit peacefully with them. Ghana is a peaceful country and we need peace,” he emphasized.

Sheik Kamil said Ghana is a peaceful country and such acts could mar the peaceful coexistence between Muslims and Christians in the country and called on people to eschew from such stereotyping female Muslims who attire the Hijab.

 The Muslim cleric indicated that leadership of the Muslim community have raised this issue with the Peace Council, but some authorities are still harassing Muslim females who wear the Hijab despite the council’s intervention on the matter.

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