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I'm shocked by some of NDC's manifesto promises - Franklin Cudjoe

By Mutala Yakubu
Franklin Cudjoe
Franklin Cudjoe
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President and Chief Executive Officer of IMANI Centre for Policy and Education, Franklin Cudjoe says he was startled by some of the promises made by the National Democratic Congress (DNC) during their manifesto launch.

The NDC made several promises at the party’s manifesto launch at the University of Professional Studies, Accra, on Monday, September 7, 2020.

Some of the key promises included fixing the economy and uniting against poverty, promoting human development across all sectors of the economy and the third is providing infrastructure for growth, creating sustainable and decent jobs among others.

These promises were broken down with and some of them were to create jobs, abolish the double-track system and improve free SHS and to absorb 50% fees of tertiary students.

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Mr Cudjoe says he wonders where they will find money to implement some of these policies if they are voted into power.

"I'm startled by a lot of the things I heard, I think this was very widely consulted. Two things jumped at me, I was questioning where they will get the money to execute all their promises but then it became apparent to me that the focus groups they talked to must be drivers of these agenda. So for instance, if you look at the pension sector, the whole idea to give decent housing to people or raise some capital of pension to be able to live a dignified life is noble".

One of the biggest promises made on the day was the withdrawal of the law that bans the importation of salvaged vehicles into the country.

John Mahama said if voted into power the NDC will also scrap the proposed increment in import duty on such vehicles.

The move according to the former President is to ensure Ghanaians whose livelihood depend on that sector of the economy continue to enjoy decent lives and revenues.

Mahama appealed to Ghanaians to vote the party back to power for sustainable growth and prosperity for all.

"You offered me the humbling chance to serve you from the highest offices in Ghana – first as Vice-President, for four years, and then as President for another four years. For this, I will forever be grateful, and I will fight for your wellbeing, for your hopes and for your rights with all my strength for the rest of my life."