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I was emotionally charged when I made 'boot for boot' comment - Mahama

By Mutala Yakubu
Former President Mahama
I was emotionally charged when I made 'boot for boot' comment- Mahama

Former President Mahama says he was emotionally charged when he made his much-criticized 'boot for boot' comment.

It would be recalled that the NDC flagbearer hopeful who was speaking in the Adaklu Constituency of the Volta Region on, January 31 2019, said the NDC will match the NPP 'boot-for-boot' in the 2020 elections if the government attempts to intimidate and harass NDC supporters with violence.

He has now explained that he made those comments in the heat of the moment and not exactly what he meant and was also emotionally charged.

"I was shocked by what I saw during the Ayawaso by-election with mask men all over, so the shock of seeing what happened there and when you speak and you are emotionally charged, I said the boot for boot bit, of course everyone knows my disposition and I would rather have a peaceful outcome than a violent one" Mahama said on Friday, May 10, 2019, at the Distinguished Speaker Seminar at the Saïd Business School, Oxford University, UK.

Mahama's 'boot for boot' comment was widely criticized by many but some NDC faithful like Mr Joseph Yammin commended him and called some Ghanaians hypocrites for not criticizing President Akufo-Addo's 'All die be die' comment.

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