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Mills' chief confiscator, Carl Wilson moves to unseat Mahama

Carl Wilson
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A former chairman of the Confiscated Vehicles Committee (CVC) under the late President J.E.A Mills' government, Carl Wilson, has formed a new political movement aimed at unseating President John Mahama.


According to Mr Wilson, the group known as Move Ghana, was unhappy with the current political system and wanted to inject new ways of doing things.

He was of the view that Ghana’s political system “does not have checks and balances” which has adversely affected the fight against corruption.

“It has created the absence of checks and balances in the system that is making it difficult for whoever cheats as president to rule with the powers granted to him by the constitution,” Wilson, who was sacked by the late President Mills told Metro TV’s Good Evening Ghana Tuesday.

“So as I said it is not per se the one running but it is the system that we inherited which is the problem and which is ineffective. That is the system that I will urge the youth of this country to come together and say enough is enough and then we find a solution to elect an open president as the president of this country", he added.