Obed Asamoah is a political vulture; pay him no attention-NDC activist

By Anny Osabutey
Agbesi Nutsu and Obed Asamoah

A member of the Communications Team of the opposition National Democratic Congress Agbesi Nutsu says party members should be weary of Obed Asamoah, because he is a political “vulture.”

A former Rawlings confidante who served as foreign minister and attorney general under the NDC, Mr. Asamoah, now a foe of the former president, waded into the ongoing turmoil when he said he texted Valerie Sawyer, former Deputy Chief of Staff, for calling out Mr. Rawlings to take his hands off the NDC, and focus on alleged corruption in the NPP.

According to him Mr. Rawlings is not the founder of the party and that records are there to show for it. He therefore asked NDC members to stand up to the founder and call him to order.

But speaking on the breakfast show of Atinka Fm, an Accra based radio station, Mr. Nutsu said Mr. Asamoah is a tongue tied politician whose words cannot be trusted.

“Was he not the same person who said Rawlings was the founding father of the party?” he asked.

He said Mr. Asamoah is an opportunist who deserted the party during the time they were in opposition and only crawled his way back after power was won.

“You left us for eight years to go and dine and wine with NPP,” he said. “We stood on our feet, we fought the battle and you are not ashamed of yourself but to come and parasite.”

He said the former Foreign Minister told the public the party was full of “violent” people and it is not worth dying for, so what has changed that he now finds it appropriate to speak about matters within the NDC.

“Obed Asamoah, we don’t need your history because you left us in the wilderness to the land of honey,” he added.

“We don’t need Obed Asamoah to tell our story to us,” he added.

Offering some insight into reasons why Mr. Asamoah fell out with Rawlings, Agbesi Nutsu said the former is bitter because he did not get to be endorsed by the former president to lead the NDC after he was done with his term as president.

“The bitterness and the dream that he didn’t fulfill to become president is still with him,” he said.

According to him, Mr. Asamoah, then with the party, mistreated party functionaries to such a point some had to leave, so he has no moral right to be talking about matters within the party.

Touching on the Valerie Sawyer epistle and the outcome, Mr. Nutsu said the issue could have been handled much better than it manifested. He said the former deputy chief of staff could have approached the former president on the quiet with her reservations so something could be done about it.

The NDC, he explained, need unity and it is important for everyone to let go of the acrimony so they join hands to build a formidable base for elections 2020