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Prof Opoku-Agyemang's four ways to solve Youth and Gender issues

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
Prof Opoku-Agyemang
Prof Opoku-Agyemang
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Running mate for the NDC Prof Naana Opoku-Agyemang has outlined some four crucial factors to consider when solving issues relating to the Youth and Gender.

Speaking at her outdooring, Prof. Opoku-Agyemang said, "In today’s turbulent political and economic climate, there are four crucial factors to consider in tackling issues relating to youth and gender."

Stating the four factors she said, "First, we must be mindful of the fact that 60% of our population will be under the age of 30 in a few years. That is why it is so critical that we systematically reform all our systems to effectively address the aspirations of our youth and country.

Second, we need meaningful, quality and comprehensive education that goes beyond access and responds to the future we can actualize

Third, we must leverage on vocational and technical training to equip many into meaningful and fulfilling work.

Fourth, we must provide opportunities that transcend political patronage, ‘connection’ and the practice of whom- you- know. Equal
and fair opportunities based on merit are imperative for sustainable economic growth."

Prof. Opoku-Agyemang noted that despite all these challenges confronting the country it remains a special place where dreams can be achived.

"The time for that shift is now Truth be told, despite all our challenges, Ghana remains a special place where any dream is possible, where every aspiration matters, and where anyone - be it a little boy from Bole or a little girl from Komenda - can grow up to be anything they want to be. Even President. Even Vice President. This is why we love this country so much. We must continue to make it a place we cherish and are proud to belong to, and a place of opportunities."