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Times are hard - Mahama empathises with traders in Sogakofe

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
John Mahama
John Mahama
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The flag-bearer for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Mahama has empathised with traders on their poor sales, attributing the situation to unfavourable economic climate created by the government.

Addressing market women in Sogakofe in the Volta region, John Mahama said the economic hardship Ghanaians are enduring is a fact nobody can deny.

According to him, traders and other business people are aware that they make less money now than they used to do under him as President.

“You are selling oysters, shrimps and so many other things. Nobody needs to come and tell you that the economy is not doing well. Everybody selling something today can see that they making fewer sales than they used to do in the past and that is because times are hard. People came and told us that the money is there, that we were sitting on money but yet hungry.

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“Today the Finance Minister tells us that everyone knows that Ghana is broke. The NPP president in 2016 told us we are sitting on money but still hungry, so why is the Finance Minister saying Ghana is broke?” he wondered.

It was good NDC lost 2016 elections - John Mahama

Mahama also said it was a blessing in disguise for the party to have been voted out of power in 2016.

According to John Mahama, the NDC had to be voted out of power for Ghanaians to appreciate the good works they had done for them.

Speaking on Sunday, November 3, 2019, at the 100-year anniversary of the E.P Church at Dabala in the Volta Region he said sometimes its good for certain things to happen to appreciate the goodness of God in our lives

“We lost in order that we will continue to have a peaceful country and then secondly because God wanted us to appreciate what NDC was doing. If NDC had not lost, it will be what we call ‘tragedy of the unlived experience’, he said.