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Gov't will not dissolve GFA if all the NDC members resign-Kojo Yankah

By Mutala Yakubu
GFA EXCO member Kojo Yankah
GFA EXCO member Kojo Yankah

Executive Committee member of the Ghana Football Association Kojo Yankah says the government will quit their attempt to dissolve the GFA if all the NDC members within the FA resign.

The Regional Chairman of the Western Regional football says the government only wants to dissolve GFA because some members are with the opposition NDC.

"The government will not dissolve the GFA if members resign because they want all the NDC members out of the FA, I am an NDC member and stopped active politics because the NPP destroyed my businesses in 2000"

"The government is setting a bad precedent and if care is not taken another government when voted into power will follow suit "

"You can not merge Politics with football, it is because of lies that Ghana is where we are today". He spoke on Asempa FM's sports show.

The government have placed an injunction on the GFA and are taking steps to dissolve the FA after the Anas expose.

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FIFA has appointed a two-member liaison Committee who are currently presiding over Ghana Football.

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