FIFA Boss saddened by Africa's performance at the World cup

By Haruna Mubarak
FIFA Boss Gianni Infantino
FIFA Boss Gianni Infantino

FIFA Boss Gianni Infantino has expressed his disappointment following African nations disastrous performance at Russia 2018 world cup.

All of the five African countries exited from the group stages of the Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup for the first time since 1982.

"Of course," FIFA Boss Infantino replied when asked if he was saddened by Africa's early exit.

"The World Cup is for the whole world and the African teams were very, very close at the end."

"An Asian (team) made it - an African not - but I think they will be ready soon for the next one," he told BBC Sport.

FIFA Boss Gianni Infantino also shared his thought on the fair play rules which eliminated Senegal.  It was the first time at the competition the rule had taken effect.

"We count on fair play always - for everyone," said Infantino.

"As (for) the rules, you always learn. You always have a debrief after and see what you can do better," he added, confirming that the ruling will be reviewed after the tournament."

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Nigeria and Senegal lost the spot to the knockout phase after the final matches of the group stages while Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco were all kicked out after the second round of games.

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