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RAG reiterate punishing 'Number 12' culprits

By Haruna Mubarak

The Referees Association of Ghana (RAG) has reiterated their readiness to sanction referees captured in the expose' by Anas Aremeyaw Anas in order to sanitize the system.

Over 77 referees were captured in the Anas Aremeyaw Anas investigative piece which was aired on 6, June 2018.

The investigative piece titled 'Number 12'-"When greed and corruption become the norm", uncovered massive corruption with referees and officials taking money to influence games and the selection of players.

Mr Aryitey Y.Mensh, who is the General Secretary of RAG, signed a statement which affirms their intention to take action with regards to the culprit captured in the expose'.

"The Referees Association of Ghana still standing by its words, that we do not and would never condone with such malpractices and is ready to take serious view of the allegations and would deal with members found culpable as stipulated in its Constitution.

"In order to immediately address these issues to clear and restore the bad image of this expose has brought onto RAG, a serious house cleaning exercise, which was already in motion would continue and members would be given the opportunity to defend themselves as well.

"To get to the bottom of the issues, we have requested for a copy of the video since 17th June 2018, with reminders to Tiger Eye Pi, but unfortunately we are yet to receive a copy of the full details of the documentary and the list of the alleged corrupt referees for the cleaning exercise immediately.

"We believe that the motive of Tiger Eye PI was to help RAG to eradicate corrupt referees from the system and if they could not assist RAG with a detailed copy of the footage or documents that can help the Association sanction members found culpable of the corrupt acts, then Tiger Eye PI has not only done disservice to only RAG, but to the nation as a whole.

"We therefore pray that Tiger Eye Pi would deemed it necessary to provide us with a detailed copy of the video as requested to enable us have enough evidence to support any action to be taken," the statement read.

The statement said, ''The Ghana Police Service, CID Headquarters invited RAG for a meeting where the Association was looking forward to receive the details of the documentary (images) and list of the alleged corrupt referees. The documentary was not given to RAG but a list containing few names of alleged corrupt Referees was given with the explanation that more would be added as and when investigation continue".


"We wish to appeal to our referees to exercise patience and assure them that those captured in the documentary would be given the opportunity to defend themselves by way of a fair hearing before any action is taken," it added.