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Twenty Million Ghana Cedis Jackpots unwrapped on Betway Ghana in December

By Michael Abayateye

Online sports betting company, Betway Ghana, has introduced three Jackpot promotions worth GHC 20.8 million to Ghanaian betting buffs in December 2016. These are some of the biggest online sports betting jackpots to hit the Ghanaian market. Dubbed the Jumbo Jackpots, the excitement continues to increase each week if no one wins.

The three individual Jackpots: Pick 15 worth GHC 1.6 million, Millionaire worth GHC 9.2 million and the GHC 10 million Colossus Jackpot – all allow betting buffs the opportunity to place bets on a select number of games across various international leagues, by predicting correct scores and match results depending on which they choose. And for the first time in Ghanaian online sports betting, consolation prizes will be awarded to bettors who narrowly miss out on winning the grand prize.

The mechanisms of the Jackpots are easy and simple and only require Betway customers to place standard bets of GHC 4 in each Jackpot, as many times as they would like to stand the chance of winning the ultimate in each of the Jackpots.

The Pick 15 Jackpot allows bettors to predict 15 match result outcomes to win GHC 1.6 million. While the Millionaire and Colossus Jackpots gives punters the opportunity to win GHC 9.2 and GHC 10 million by predicting from a pool of 6 and 7 correct score games, respectively.

Marketing Manager for Betway Ghana, Kwabena Nkrumah, says the company is committed to adding more thrills for its customers especially as the festive season approaches. “We are giving our customers the chance to celebrate the festive season by giving them some well-deserved treats through these massive promotions. We hope the ultimate is won before year end to make this festive season one which some lucky bettor will never forget.”

These promotions are open weekly to all Betway customers and they come as an addition to the Betway Goal Rush promotion which offers free bets each day to punters throughout the month of December.

“We’re calling on all sports enthusiasts who would love to add another dimension of thrill to their sports following, to bet at this season and onwards. Not only do they stand the chance of winning these amazing sums of money but also get to enjoy the leisure of betting from anywhere, on any device, at any time and cashing their winnings instantly via mobile money!” Betway Marketing Manager said excitedly. “It’s a win-win”.