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Top 8 best websites to watch free movies online

By Wendy Amarteifio
Top 8 best websites to watch free movies online
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Here is a list of websites which let you watch all the movies on their server without having you download them first.


This is another website to watch only old classic movies and you can call this an alternative to classic watch movies online free because these two websites have many similarities.

Just as I said that you can not watch any kind of latest movies on this website but there is a huge collection of retro old classic movies and just like other websites this is also free of cost website.

But this website has a genre option and it has comedy and action and horror options. All the movies are of decent quality I mean you can not expect old movies to be in 4K or Full HD.

But the qualities of the movies are good to be watched on mobile or desktop. There is a search box given on the top of the website if you can not find your movie then you can simply search it by the name of the movie.


Yes, this is the application that you use almost every day to watch your favourite TV shows and other channels but you can watch movies on this platform also.

And it is paid and free both at the same time. Because many of the movies on this app are free of cost and some of the latest movies that have been released recently they are paid.

And the quality of the movies is awesome you can even watch movies in HD quality. The interface of this application is awesome and easy to understand and yes navigation is attractive and there are no ads on this application so not any ads will irritate you while watching movies online.

And you can download movies in the app also to watch them later. Creating an account on this app is not a must but you can create an account if you want to use full feature of this application.

This app contains almost every kind of movies whether they are Hollywood movies or Bollywood movies.

You will see some of the dubbed in Hindi movies also. But many of the content is in English. But you can watch Hollywood movies in English with subtitles also.



If you are a guy who loves to watch old classic movies online the there you go this website is only made for you. On this website, you will find only old classic movies.

You can not find any new latest movies on this website because this only provides you old movies and you can watch more than 4000 old movies on this website.

This website has some black and white movies also by that you can get an idea of how much old movies you can get to watch here.

I can say it without any doubt that the movies this website let you watch there is no other website available that will let you watch the same movies. All the classic movies on this website are available in good quality and they are clear enough.

You can not just find HD or full HD classic movies because at that time cameras were not able to be that much pixel lovers.

All the links of movies are working you will never find any kind of broken link. And the interface of this website is also classic just like the movies it provides and yes this is free of cost website with very few ads.


You might have understood by the name of the website that whatever you will get on this website will be in HD and you can even lower the quality if your internet is not too fast to handle the HD quality.

And this website should be placed on first ran because on this website you will not see any kind of ads no banner ads and no pop-up ads this website is an ad-free website.

And money free also which means you do not have to pay anything to watch content on this website. You can watch as much as movies you want to watch because this provides you wide collection of movies and all of them are for free.

Just like other websites on this website also you do not have to sign up or create any kind of account. There are a lot of filters available to sort your movies according to you.

You can sort them as country-wise or date or type-wise or popularity-wise. And if you can not find your movie then there is search box given on the top of the site you can directly search the name of your website and it will be shown in a second. Not only movies you can even watch popular TV shows on this website.



Yomovies can be the best website to stream movies online anytime you want. Not only movies but you can also stream every kind of TV show on this website.

This website is free of cost and not only this; you will never have to create any kind of account on it also. Movies and TV shows are divided into the Genre section which means you can find your taste of TV show and movie within a minute.

In the genre section, you will see Horror, Adventure, Action, and Comedy sections. IMDB rating for every movie is available on this website this will make your choice easier than which movie you should watch or which you should pass on.

You can watch movies from the entire globe Bollywood movies or Hollywood movies or any other country’s movies.

And I know for watching other country movies you need to learn their language but on this website you can enable subtitles so you will get it in your language.

There are ads on this website but not too many and they will not irritate you because they are not pop up ads.



You can call this second official website of our list and one of the best streaming websites also because this website has a direct link with the Sony motion pictures.

Because of that, you can stream countless movies and TV shows on this website for free. All the TV shows will be in high quality and full length so you do not have to download them again.

You can watch all the movies in theater-quality for free. And as this website is free so you have to see some of the ads and these ads are not pop up ads these are just some normal ads where you have to wait for 10 seconds for your link to get ready.

And if you do not like watching movies on the website then this website has its official application also which is also available for almost every kind of system you are using.

The interface of this website is a good one and it is easy also you can even understand it in your first try on the website.



Tubitv is one of the most beautiful websites that I have ever visited it let you watch most of the content for free but some of them can be rented with money.

So you can say it is a free and paid website also at the same time. This website has more than 4000 movies on its server and more than 1000 TV shows and 60% of them are available for free.

And other you can rent for a few days at fewer prices than other paid websites. Quality of the videos in this website is awesome because of this website is not fully free so they do not compromise with the quality of the videos, and if you can not find your movie then just simply add a request with the name of the movie and the year it was released on and they will add it in few days.

You can sort all the content on this website according to your choice whether country wise or date wise. And genre option will help you a lot to find your taste in tons of movies

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