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The Guptas better pack their bags out of South Africa - Malema

Julius Malema
Julius Malema
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The Economic Freedom Fighters have urged the Guptas to “start packing their last bags” and leave South Africa for good‚ saying they have caused enough damage.

The party also warned that it would “not rest until the last root and trace of the Guptas has been cleared from our history”.

It welcomed “with caution” reports that the Guptas intended selling off their businesses to the highest bidder before the end of this year‚ saying it was long overdue.

The Gupta family‚ which has close ties with President Jacob Zuma‚ has been accused of state capture.

“This corrupt relationship has since caused untold divisions in the ruling party which harbours many elements who have also been captured. They appointed ministers and ordered public servants from pillar to post‚ causing untold havoc in the public sector‚” the EFF charged.

“The EFF will not stop until we have rooted the entire Gupta tree and its offsprings out of our country’s system. We will not stop until all individuals with offshore accounts traceable to the Guptas‚ all individuals with business interests with them have all been exposed. We urge them to do the right thing before the people of South Africa take action‚” the EFF cautioned.

The party said it would also be watching the sales of these businesses to see who they were going to.

“We remind South Africans as well that we warned them that the Guptas and their puppets are illegally smuggling large amounts of money out of the country. The country is now aware that Gupta-connected ANC ministers hold offshore accounts. So it is clear that the web of corruption by the Guptas and their puppets is too intricate for the country to simply believe that they will sell it all off.

“However‚ they must be warned that we will do everything in our power to expose and block all their attempts to continue running this country into the quagmire of corruption and daylight kleptocracy‚” the EFF asserted.