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Father happy over death of his newly born 'strange' baby

By Adomonline
Father happy over death of his newly born 'strange' baby
Father happy over death of his newly born 'strange' baby

The birth of a baby usually brings joy to couples, but this is not the case as a Father in the Central Region is happy about the death of his baby who was born with strange features.

 His wife gave birth to a 'strange' baby without a completely formed head, making the eyes and other important facial features of the baby missing.

The birth occurred at Ampiaw-Ajumako in the Ajumako Anyan Essiam District of the Central Region.

The entire head of the baby appears to contain a watery substance mixed with blood with its nose being the only identifiable feature on its face.

According to the father of the newly born baby, Eric Antwi, virtually the entire community rushed to their house to catch a glimpse of the mysterious baby.

“It is true the baby was born,” Mr. Antwi confirmed told Adom News with shock still visible on his face.

He also confirmed that the baby has since passed away, adding that it would’ve been a challenge to try to correct the defect.

“I’m happy the baby had finally died, because, I don’t have enough money to treat the huge medical condition if the baby had survived“.

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