VIDEO: Corpse falls out of coffin during burial

By Michael Klugey
Corpse falls out of coffin during burial
Corpse falls out of coffin during burial

Several happenings take place during burial possessions, although some people pray against it not every one of them gets lucky. 

It has just been reported that a corpse fell out of the coffin at the cemetery. 

According to, the corpse of a woman fell out of a coffin during a burial ceremony after one of the pallbearers tumbled and fell on top of it.

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Looking at the video, as the casket was being lowered into the ground a pallbearer lost his stamina and fell directly inside the grave. This unfortunate incident took place at Pampas funeral home in Peru.

The pallbearers fall into the grave made the coffin open and the dead woman fell out of it. Mourners could be heard screaming in shock while the pallbearers tried putting the corpse back in its right position.

As the pallbearer scrambles out of the grave, some mourners tried to keep the lid on the coffin to prevent the woman’s body falling out any further but the lid was already broken. The man managed to get out of the grave and the body was eventually interred correctly, allowing the funeral to continue as planned. 

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