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Seth Terpker writes: ‘IMF Gh-exit performance not realistic’

Fiscal offsets or consolidation?


Introduction—a recapitulation

Part 1 used a simple fiscal table to explain that the current administration is achieving its “accelerated fiscal consolidation” through “offsets” of arrears in the fiscal framework and not actual payments. The payments may be taking place at a slower pace outside the framework while the “offsets”, which were explicit in 2016, were more subtle in 2017 and 2018. The latter approach does not show the budget deficit line in the fiscal tables and, thereby, equating the fiscal balance (commitment), not the fiscal balance (cash), with financing.

Loom pyramid scheme scam: Signs to look out for

There are warnings of an international online scam called the "Loom" scheme in Australia, which targets young people through social media and can lead to participants "scamming" their family and friends and leaving them hundreds of dollars out of pocket.