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Ghana issues record size US$3.25 billion Eurobond

Ghana has successfully issued a record size Eurobond of US$3.25 billion while enhancing its market access through the use of a 4-year Zero-Coupon Tranche, the first emerging market Sovereign to add a zero-coupon bullet tranche to its bond financing portfolio.

"Deletion of dormant companies and businesses" - An assessment of the public notice by the Registrar-General


In June, it is estimated that three hundred thousand (300,000) companies and businesses risk deletion from the company/business registers. A B&FT news report of 19th March 2021 quoted the Registrar-General, Mrs Jemima M. Oware as issuing a final public notice - “kindly note that if at the expiration of three months from the date of this notice, the Company has still not filed its Annual Returns, the name of the Company shall, unless a cause is shown, be struck off the Register and the Company shall stand dissolved”.

Expert warns rising piracy could drive up freight cost

More kidnappings took place in the Gulf of Guinea in the first two months of 2021 alone than the entire first quarter of 2020, as piracy and other sea-related crimes continue to bedevil that stretch of the Atlantic Ocean.