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CEO Summit : Introducing technology in Ghana looks like you are fighting demons and principalities - Bawumia

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
Dr Bawumia
Dr Bawumia

Vice President Dr Bawumia says it is very challenging when introducing reforms in Ghana.

According to Bawumia, most Ghanaians always want to maintain the status quo making it difficult for them to accept reforms. 

 Speaking at the 4th Edition of the Ghana CEO Summit under the theme " The Futuristic Economy: Technology- Driven Future of Business & Governance for Economic Transformation", Dr Bawumia said the way some individuals fight new reforms especially technology looks like a war against demons and principalities.

"You are dealing with a mindset in many places that is not mainly very conducive to change, the mindset wants to maintain the status quo, there is also what we call the impossibility mindset, if you want to do something it says it is not possible even before you try it and this version of new ways of doing things to new technologies, they also have interest in maintaining the status quo in fact sometimes in bringing about a very simple reforms and you will see the push back and it almost as though you are fighting demons and principalities."

Dr Bawumia expalining the type of mindsets that are likely to resist change said, "for many post colonial societies such as Ghana, technological innovations and digitization are just what is needed to......years of public administration reforms that has almost become a never ending business, in some cases even more bureaucratic, more opaque and an impediment to doing business, most of the public sector administration which we inherited was actaully set up as an instrument of governance for the poeple by the ruling class, it is a rigid public sector, centralized and in many ways slow responding to public needs, it was an administrative structure that can hardly be trusted as a system to facilitate and accelerate private sector led development without risking entrenche practises......... it is precisely for these reasons that many of these countries including ours rank in low in the ease of doing business assesment, that is a major reason why there is a great deal of cynicism when we talk about generation of public sector reforms and this is where technology can play a very important role in getting us to improve the efficiency of the public sector but doing so it is not very easy.."

New reform

Government as part of initiatives to ease the way of doing business in Ghana introduced the paperless port system to help adequately mobilize the needed revenue for the country.

The Government has also introduced the Ghana Card which Ghanaians are currently registering for, according to Bawumia these are all ways to make it easy for business transactions and by next year government should operate a zero cash system where all businesses will be conducted online.


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