Could Ghana be facing possible power cut by years' end?

By Sam Edem
ECG Site
ECG Site

There have been growing concern over the past few weeks that Ghana might possibly experience sustained power cut during the period from September up to the end of 2017.

This anxiety among the Ghanaian populace was born out of the failure of Ghana’s government to reach an agreement for gas exports from its ten functional oil fields.

The country has since under former President John Mahama administration sought for a partnership that would enable her meet the enormous gas demand for power generation but has largely struggled with the effort.

In fact towards the end of last year, the current government then in opposition accused its predecessor over a speculated unfair gas-export deal with the People’s Republic of China.

Now, barely a week after the formal launch of the FPSO Kufuor and specifically, the opening of Sankofa oil field with its huge power and gas potential which would mostly be actualized by next year, there is concern that Ghana’s government may not be able to meet the nation’s energy needs across the year due to finances as well as in ability to reach a comprehensive gas export agreement with its numerous energy trade partners.

However, the government has dismissed the speculation of a possible power cut as untrue.

Speaking on the issue, Ghana’s Deputy Minister for Energy – Dr Mohammed Amin Adam said there would be no such thing as a sustained power cut during the last quarter of the year. Hence, the country had nothing to worry about and should be assured that things are under control.

He also reiterated the commitment of the President Nana Akufo – Addo led administration through the Energy Ministry, to facilitating local content or participation in the Oil & Gas industry.

He cited the proposed ‘Accelerated Oil Capacity Development Programme’ which he said was on course and when implemented will enhance Ghana’s capacity to export not just crude oil or natural gas,  but also technical capabilities that will be made possible by training of Ghanaians in various skills, or professions in the industry.