How local beverages from Ghana can be on the international market

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
Locally produced asana from Ghana

The local beverage sector in Ghana produces a lot of products that are of medicinal importance but are mostly enjoyed only in the country.

Most of these beverages cannot compete on the international market due to some factors missing in how the beverages are being sold to the outside world.

Ghanaian produced local beverages include; palm wine, pito, asana, brukina among others.

Packaging has been identified as one of the main factors hindering the beverages from the country to be on the international market.

The packaging of these beverages currently does not attract the needed customers to the products.

In a constant effort to promote the “Made-In-Ghana” brand outside the country, local producers will need to enhance their packaging to be able to appeal to both Ghanaians and the foreign market.

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Minister of Tourism and Creative Arts, Catherine Afeku at the launch of the 3rd edition of the beverages awards said the best way to promote our local beverages on the international market is to have the required packaging to help sell more the “Made-In-Ghana” brand.

She added that producing the local beverages and packaging them are opportunities in the culinary sector that individuals can take advantage of to sell the brand.

“FDA, EPA these are agencies with the requisite authority to ensure that beverages on the table are of standards. And let’s not forget that Ghana as country prides itself in producing the best, so I edged that local industries will take up how to package palm wine, pito, asana these are healthy locally made drinks that can also be on the international market and it’s an opportunity in the culinary sector.”

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