Gov't working with telcos to reduce cost of data - Vice Prez. Bawumia

By Mutala Yakubu

Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia says the government is working closely with the telecommunication companies in Ghana to reduce the cost of data.

Addressing a public lecture as part of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana under the theme: “Pharmacy in a Digital World,” Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia said the government is working to make data more affordable to Ghanaians and they have already begun broad consultations with industry players to work out modalities aimed at bringing the cost of data down as much as possible and to make spectrum more available.

“I had a meeting with [the CEO of MTN] Selorm, and our question was how do we bring down the cost of data and how to increase coverage because the whole roadmap towards digitization centres around some of these critical questions. It was very clear that in trying to bring down the cost of data, government would have to make spectrum a bit more easily available,” he said.

Vice President Dr Bawumia

The Vice President also took the opportunity to commend the founder of the mobile app known as MedRx, Pharmacist Hayford Brako, for coming up with the app that essentially aims at bringing pharmacy services, availability of specific drugs and the location of pharmacies to the doorstep of the application users regardless of their geographical location in Ghana.

“I am very impressed with what you are doing and I would like us to have a meeting and see how we can support you because I see a lot of potential to help ordinary people and I think we need to encourage people like this who have spent so much into developing such innovative products,” the Vice President said.