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Street food vendors and their sizzling woes

By PrimeNewsGhana
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Street food vendors occupy every corner of Accra by complementing the ambience with the yum and the aroma.

It has always been a traditional practice for many Ghanaians to take a quick bite while on their way to the office or home. Street food is a preferred choice, especially because they are inexpensive and come in wide varieties. Thus, street food vendors do make their humble contribution to society.

The COVID-19 pandemic has however cast its bitterness on the street food business too. Now, even at a time when street food vendors are slowly unshackling their business from the lockdown, people now prefer to carry home-cooked food to their workplaces or rather visit a restaurant for the fear of the pandemic.

This is depressing for the vendors and it has also indirectly affected the businesses from where ingredients are sourced. A few street food vendors spoke to us and voiced their disheartening plight spurting from their falling income.

Thankfully though, they have not given up on hopes and are optimistic that better days will arrive soon.

Source: Goldstreet Business