We can’t subsidize power, allow the market forces to playout -VRA

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
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The Volta River Authority, VRA, said it is not in the position to reduce the price of power for consumers.

According to the power producing company, they have been in the past tinkering with the prices of power which ends up distorting the real market prices.

The call for subsidization comes on the back of a projected higher tariff for SANKOFA gas which is expected to come onstream in March.

The Director of Commercial Department at VRA, Dr Issac Doku in an analogy on why they cannot subsidize power said:

“If you buy at x and you generate you will have to sell it at Y, you can’t subsidize, that it will not be sustainable and I believe that is why we are where we are in the industry today, because we try to subsidize through various means so the true cost is not been pass down to the consumer.”

“It may be difficult the initial instance but I think that if we allow market forces to actually play out it will even out itself we’ve been tinkering with prices and at times we end up distorting the real market,” he added.

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Dr Issac Doku said subsidization of power will be a huge loss to the authority, and their stakeholder meeting will rather focus on the best way to sell power but not to reduce the price.

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