5 times Moesha Boduong made headlines for whatever reason

By Michael Klugey
5 times Moesha Boduong made headlines for whatever reason
5 times Moesha Boduong made headlines for whatever reason

Ghanaian actress, Moesha Boduong has managed to be one of the "internet sensations" in the country and has never ceased to amaze Ghanaians as she keeps making headlines for the good but mostly bad reasons. 

Currently, Moesha Boduong is Ghana's most adorable Instagram celebrity and movie star winning the hearts of social media users with her sensual photos and a plush lifestyle.

Here are 5 times Moesha Boduong made headlines for whatever reason;

1. Ghanaians can take a walk down memory lane to when Moesha made headlines on several media platforms across the globe with her interview on CNN's original series “Sex & Love Around The World” with Christiane Amanpour where she revealed how she sleeps with married men in order to leave the flashy lifestyle she displays on social media.

According to Moesha during the CNN interview, she needs a car and other things that will make life comfortable but since she can’t afford them, she needs to date someone who can, even if the person is married.

2. But before the brouhaha on the CNN interview, Moesha Boduong was tagged as a victim of impersonation as images of her appeared in a fraud issue in the United States of America in an episode of Face The Truth hosted by Vivica A. Fox.

Images of the Curvy Ghanaian actress on an International passport and ID card with the name Alanna were also displayed on the show.


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3. Moesha Bodoung once again broke the Internet with a nude photo of herself in bed which has now become the norm as she keeps posting racy photos on Instagram.

4. Dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale jumped to the defence of Moesha Boduong after news broke that she has been sleeping with an HIV/AIDS positive Ghana-based Nigerian businessman for money.

Before the close of working hours on February 19, 2019, there were screenshots of some allegations on social media indicating that there's this Nigerian man in town who is spreading the deadly virus by having unprotected sex with celebrities who he gives huge sums of money to after the sexual act and Moesha Boduong's name was on the list of celebrities.

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5. The topic of Moesha Boduong backside has always been on the lips of Ghanaians which some social media users tagged her backside as fake.

A former nurse at the popular Advance body sculpture center at Obengfo Hospital exposed some list of Ghanaian celebrities and Moesha's name was not left out.


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