Ex-Doe details why the government should legalize 'weed'

By Michael Klugey
Ex Doe details why the government should legalize 'weed'
Ex Doe details why the government should legalize 'weed'

A pioneer of hiplife in Ghana, Richard Kwasi Siaw Afrofi aka Ex-Doe has added his voice to many of Ghanaian celebrities on the marijuana legalization in Ghana. 

According to the artiste, the government should consider legalizing marijuana with stringent measures to regulate its use in public.

He stated emphatically that the government should enact a law to arrest those who will use marijuana publicly when legalized.

Ex-Doe in a recent interview on Happy FM monitored by PrimeNewsGhana recounted that he used to be a ‘weed’ smoker but certain instances made him desist from smoking the ‘substance’.

“What made me desist from smoking was when the police frequently search me when driving. The police know all hiding spots for weed in cars. They kept disturbing me. One word I didn’t like was ‘scatter’, when you hear ‘scatter’ ‘scatter’ ‘scatter’, you start running, I got tired of running because of weed. I didn’t have peace, I smoked for about three years but after a while, I realized once it hadn’t been legalized, it will not pair well with my brand so I stopped,” he said.

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