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Ghanaians will complain about your style but never change - A Plus advises Bosom P-Yung

By Mutala Yakubu
A Plus and Bosom P-Yung
A Plus and Bosom P-Yung
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Ghanaian political commentator, Kwame A Plus has advised currently the most talked about artiste in Ghana Bosom P-Yung to stay true to his style and that will carry him far.

Bosom P-Yung is the newest Ghanaian social media sensation to take the nation by storm with his song titled “Ataa Adwoa
A Plus quotes a part of Dave Ramsey’s speech to tell Bosom PYung that being normal is overrated.

“I’ve decided conventional wisdom is an oxymoron. Conventional wisdom makes people typical, average, mediocre, and morons. I don’t want to be conventional in anything. I don’t want to be typical or average or mediocre in anything.

“I don’t want to be normal. I don’t want you to be normal and if you ask me questions about how you can be more normal, you’re not going to like the answers. Normal does not work. It’s not working.”

“Dear Bosom, let this speech by Dave Ramsey guide you. Don’t be normal. Normal is not good. They will complain about your red hair. Don’t mind them. Keep it red or even blue. That is unique. Don’t change your style of singing. Don’t do the normal thing. Work hard on improving on your style. It is unique. It will take you far like Mensa and Wanlov. Dare to be different. If you stand out and work hard, you will be outstanding. #Ataadwoa”


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