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Jingles fetch me more cash than music production – Zapp Mallet

By Michael Eli Dokosi
Zapp Mallet
Zapp Mallet
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Prudent people have diversified income streams and peerless sound engineer cum producer Zapp Mallet says his jingle works are currently bringing in more funds than music work.

He observed musicians for whom he toils to generate the quality beats and elements are just stingy in paying for beats but rather loud on hype.

“Most of the time, what an artiste is willing to pay for a track it does not even reach half of what can be made from one commercial. I’m therefore making money from commercials, jingles and the likes, than I earn from music production.

“I’m still hanging on because I do it for the passion. I wish musicians would pay more. The system is rough for everybody, but I wish it gets better.”

According to Zap who spoke to Flex Newspaper, the situation is not about him not getting clients as his  skills and experience are very much in demand except the tales from these musicians are too many when it comes to paying for service rendered and for those who pay the sum itself is meagre.

He observed deals from commercials have been handsome on the other hand stressing dealing with the corporate people smoothens things and makes one feel appreciated.


On those engineers who paint a glossy picture, the veteran producer intimated “in the name of hype, lies have become truth. I hope these sound engineers who claim they are making enough money from music production are indeed earning it. With my experience in this industry, I know what’s on the ground in real life. Producers outside are making huge sums of money. Let’s work hard for an industry where everybody earns what is due them.”