Kuami Eugene is not better than me - Deon Boakye

By Michael Klugey
Kuami Eugene is not better than me - Deon Boaky
Kuami Eugene is not better than me - Deon Boaky

Ghanaian Afro-pop singer, Gideon Adade - Boakye better known by stage name Deon Boakye has vented his spleen on music lovers who are comparing him to Kuami Eugene.  

Deon Boayke was introduced by Samini in April this year during Vodafone Ghana Music Awards 2018 as a ‘new breed’ he will be supporting under HighGradeFamily clique. This first cut is a manifestation of the journey Samini promised the young talented musician, Deon Boakye.

Deon Boakye got his first blessing from Samini on a song. “You Do All”

The HighGrade Family new signee harshly replied a supposed Kuame Eugene fan on Twitter.

Deon Boakye posted on his twitter page "Samini announces he's found a new talent. However u decide to sit and spew gibberish by saying I'm not worth it. I don't deserve it, b'cos tall is cheating and we enjoy freedom of speech. Did you want him to signee you? Sit back and watch your life. 1 favor I'll appreciate forever is shut up!! Adweeba #hgf"

Which a fan replied "We both know that Kuame Eugene is bigger better n a star dan ur so called Deon Boakye.. at least within a year or two he's been able to produce more than enough hit songs but our brother ???"

Which the young artist couldn't handle that and came back with a hasty reply

Kuame Eugene better than me? How? Are you mad?