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Kumasi turns up for “The One” auditions

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YFM Ghana’s latest reality show dubbed “The One” kicked off in Kumasi with hundreds of hopefuls turning up at the Plush Lounge at the Jubilee Mall of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. The show, which is designed to turn the winner into an instant celebrity, will start airing daily on YFM. E.TV Ghana will also be broadcasting the Kumasi auditions this Saturday at 7pm.

Competition for the next phase of the show was not a mere walkover as judges, YFM Kumasi’s Kwame Legend and DJ Slim as well as YFM Accra’s Nana Kwame Osei Sarpong (Soul Man, also known as Nokus) were tough to please. Some received the instant NO in the form of a red card but the ones that put smiles on the judges faces received green cards.

The green cards mean these hopefuls go into the final closed audition against the best of Takoradi and the best of Accra to choose the 8 finalists. These 8 finalists will battle it out on radio and TV until the one is chosen on the 4th of December.

“It was fun and a lot of excitement watching these young men and women show us what they have and want to do with it; most of them realise that being a radio presenter isn’t as easy as it may seem. End of the day though, we got some very talented folks in Oseikrom and we can only imagine that the next stage will be super excited especially as the numbers in Accra especially are very high”, Nokus said.

 The ONE – how it all works?

With the Kumasi audition now ended, the auditioning process now moves to Takoradi on the 15th of October at the YFM studios and then to Accra on the 22nd October.

With many green cards been given in Kumasi, these contestants will join the other green card winners in Takoradi and Accra for a second phase of judging. Five judges made up of radio personalities, celebrities and image consultants will then judge the contestants again. Their original audition will be used for this judging. The judges will then announce the eight finalists who will get to compete each other for the crown of the ONE!

The eight finalists will be split into two teams of four people each and the teams will be given a challenge each week. These challenges include making a radio jingle, interviewing celebrities, radio production amongst others. Every week, the listeners of YFM and viewers of e.TV get to choose which team did a better job and vote for them. The losing team then gets to vote off their weakest member. Throughout each week, the contestant will be mentored and coached by radio professionals and experts to showcase their very best.

During the finals, there will be a surprise challenge that will test the mettle of the three.  

On the 4th December in a live TV show on eTV, The ONE will be announced.