PHOTOS+VIDEO: Roverman Production wows Ghanaians again with 'I Want Your Wife'

By Richmond Thompson
I Want Your Wife
Roverman Production wows Ghanaians again with 'I Want Your Wife'

Uncle Ebo Whyte’s Roverman Production thrill thousands of Ghanaians again with their second play of the year dubbed 'I Want Your Wife' which was premiered on the 6th and 7th of July, at the National Theatre in Accra.

'I Want Your Wife' is Roverman Productions' second play for the year 2019, although it is fictitious, the contemporary relevance of the play and the humor which came with it got the audience glued to their seats.

'I Want Your Wife' a production interspersed with music and comedy made up of four main casts, Ben, Abena, Yeboah, and their church pastor.

Ben and Abena have been married for ten years and it has been heaven on earth. Then a message from a prophetess says that Ben should give up his wife whom he has wedded for the past ten years to Yeboah, the only rich man in the church, the prophecy started revealing the cracks in their marriage.

'I Want Your Wife' shows that many of us are playing games with people who, when given the opportunity, will demand the very air we breathe.

The cast including singer, Yaa Yaa (who plays Vera), Viva Adeerko (Abena, Ben's wife), Nana Kofi Abrefa Sunu (Ben, Abena's husband), Micheal Sasu (Their church pastor) and Kwebana Yeboah (The rich man who wants to marry Ben's wife) did a great job.

Below are some reactions from patrons who watch the play;