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‘Showcase in Ga’ actor Mr. Mensah demands award & estate before death knocks

By Michael Eli Dokosi
Actor, Mr. Mensah
Actor, Mr. Mensah
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Beloved for his exploits in the ‘Showcase in Ga’ series aired on national broadcaster GTV, especially in the 90s, Ebenezer Lartey fondly called Mr. Mensah is no happy man today.

Reason being that he feels neglected and his acting exploits belittled.

Mr. Mensah narrated "It's very sad that, upon all what I have done and keep doing for the Ghanaian film industry, I have not been given any recognition. I have never received a national award, but all the actors I started before and made greater contribution to the industry than, have been honoured with awards and given estates which they live in now...Why? Is it because I act in the Ga dialect? I started acting even before the Osofo Dadzie Drama series started airing."

The 89 year old elder who begun acting in 1965 and appeared on TV in 1970 but who still acts also rendered to razz online that "most of the scripts of the numerous dramas on GBC and some films were written by me but GBC has never awarded me before. Not that I envy those that have been awarded, Its just disheartening that those in charge of giving awards in the country don't think about my wish is for the government and GBC to honour me with some of the awards and give me my share of the estates before I die," the pained entertainer rounded up.