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Acceptance of mediocrity crippling growth of music industry- M.anifest

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
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The acceptance of substandard production by Ghanaian music lovers is a major factor militating against the growth of the music industry in the country.

That is the observation of Ghanaian music icon, Kwame Ametepee Tsikata, popularly referred to as M.anifest.

The rapper argues a lot of music produced in the country does not make it to the international stage because production standards are not at power with industry expectation, and this is encouraged by their acceptance in the Ghanaian music lovers.

Concerns abound in the music industry about the penetration of Nigerian music to the detriment of locally produced ones. Local hi-life has taken the biggest hit, as many now shun it for hiplife. Interestingly Nigerian hi-life music receives commendable patronage in Ghana.

The award winning rapper believes the Ghanaian attitude of tolerating mediocrity is not pushing musician to strive for the best, because they know anything at all would be accepted so long as it’s danceable.

Speaking in an interview on JoyFm, M.anifest noted Ghanaian many musicians would have to lift up their game in order to survive in a competitive international market, else they would continue to be limited to the local market which may not sustain their careers over the long term.

M.anifest has become one of the most valuable music personalities on the world stage from Ghana, with his intuitive and well worded raps. He won Best Rapper and Hip-Hop song of the year at the Ghana Music Awards.

Some of his hit songs include ‘No shortcut to heaven’ and ‘Someway Bi’.