New Parliament chamber: Try building that $200m chamber and see - Kwaw Kese warns

By Richmond Thompson
Kwaw Kese
Try building that $200m chamber & see - Kwaw Kese warns

Rapper, Kwaw Kese has issued a strong warning to Members of Parliament over the proposed new chamber estimated at around 200 million dollars.

The rapper in a video posted on his Twitter page was seen warning our politicians not try building the chamber else they will face the wrath of the youth.

According to him, there are better things that need to be done in Ghana, children are learning under trees, poor hospital facilities, bad road network, unemployment yet parliament wants to build a new chamber worth $200m.

"I am sure what I’ve been hearing is not true, roads leading to your hometowns are full of ‘manholes’. Your home towns students are learning under trees, You don’t think about this but you are going to waste 200 million dollars on a parliamentary chamber.", Kwaw Kese said.

A social media campaign against the project has begun on Twitter with the hashtag #DropThatChamber.

The new parliamentary chamber will have a sitting capacity for about 450 when completed and will be constructed by the architectural firm – Adjaye & Associates.

It is expected to house facilities including diplomatic offices, a library, a museum, a church, a mosque, eateries, press conference rooms, galleries, a car park, an upper gallery garden, a post office and other facilities to complete the Parliamentary enclave.

Watch the video below;