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Fame expires, let's be cautious – Ama advises colleagues

By Fareeda Abdul Aziz
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Former Beauty Queen, Nana Ama Agyeiwaa, popularly known as Ama has advised other public figures to make good use of their fame while it lasts.

According to Ama, she has come to the realisation that everything that’s got a beginning has an end, both physical and spiritual.

Speaking to Graphic Showbiz, she maintained that day in and day out, there are new faces and talents that are discovered so everyone especially celebrities must make good use of their time as they are in the limelight.

“One thing being in the limelight has taught me is that there is an expiry date to everything, including fame, and I want my colleagues to know that,” Ama said.

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“We will not remain like we are now forever, every day, every time there are new faces coming up and it will remain like that till eternity. We will grow, age will catch up with us and we will not be as active as we are now,” Ama explained.

She went on and made reference to media houses and beauty pageantries, she mentioned that every year new people are amassed and the old ones become history.

“Take a look at our media houses, television and radio stations, for instance, every day, there are new faces and new voices. I made a decision to equip myself with all the skills that I can so when that time comes, I will not be found wanting,” she added.

Ama further admonished that everyone must try to keep good and supportive friends as it goes a long way to help them in life’s endeavours.

 “Friendship is something we don’t really make a big deal of, but we should. Have people who have your back, who will support you and everything you do,” Ama stated.