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‘CHANGE: From Windsor to Brussels with Faith and Love’

By Ellen Mimi Owusu
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What do you say to your husband when he tells you – “my endless, I have just been promoted! And guess what, we are moving to Belgium, and we will be there for 2 years”! As the supportive wife of an Army soldier, I was naturally happy for him.

He has worked hard for this promotion, and I knew he deserved it. He has been promoted and with that promotion came new opportunities but of course a transfer! Truth be told, upon hearing the news, my mind got flooded with the repercussions that lay ahead. It almost looked like a repeating cycle.

The biggest one for me was the fact that I had to resign from my job. This was not the first time I was going to resign from a job because of a transfer. Prior to moving to Windsor three years ago, I had a fulfilling job full of opportunities and suddenly, I had no choice than to resign. Once again, I found myself in the same situation again!

Moving within the UK is stressful enough, but to move to a different country with the added stress of COVID restrictions, is a whole different level of emotional experience. The trickier part is one cannot readily tell what to expect with the people, weather, culture, and food. Most importantly you think about how your children will settle in with the new environment.

Human as I am, I try to get comfortable whenever we move to a new place, but my experiences have taught me not to get too comfortable. I found Windsor a truly beautiful part of the country to live. I worked in Henley, which was also beautiful, with lots of shops, got lots of bargains (if you know me, you know I love to shop). And most importantly I loved my job. So, although I longed to stay for a longer time in Windsor, transfers are part and parcel of our lives.

As much as I mentally prepared for my new life abroad in Belgium, anxiety silently clawed on me. Moving to Belgium was going to be a really big change for me. Thankfully I have learnt a lot of coping strategies over the years. Starting point of preparation was the mental shift – think of the positives, think of the benefits, and expect the best ahead! If the two shall be one, then I could expect to also get a new and better job in Belgium. There was no point giving room to doubt.

Alors, Bruxelles, je viens!
Let me break it down for you. Moving to Belgium will help me improve my oral French. You see I studied French in Senior Secondary and a bit at the university. I am confident with my written French, but when it comes to my oral French, hmmm. Moving to Belgium, is the perfect opportunity knocking to improve upon my French. I have read much about Brussels being the capital of Europe and that spiked up my excitement. I am looking forward to the new opportunities that I will encounter. In addition, on the plus side, anytime we have moved, and I have gotten a new job, it always turned out to be better than my previous job, better pay, better job, better working conditions.

Also, I get to meet and make friends with some amazing people. Thanks to our constant movement I get to meet different people from all walks of life. I keep expanding my friendship network. I am therefore looking forward to all the lovely people I will meet.
Let me tell you another amazing thing I experience whenever we have moved. The period of settling in after a transfer, always offers me that opportune break I need to think about my personal growth, my family and to carefully plan my next move. Most importantly it is always a treat time for me to make time for my first love – writing. I am also looking forward to exploring Belgium and visiting neighbouring countries.

The Bible has always been my well of wisdom, providing for me refreshing words of encouragement and assurance. Throughout my preparations, I have found Genesis 28:15 as a powerful guide and motivator for the move abroad. I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you.”
Change is inevitable, we cannot control it, but embracing change, one will discover an opportunity for growth. As far as this transfer is concerned, I am going to embrace it with both arms. I can see something great ahead for me. Moving from one’s comfort zone is never easy, but it is an opportunity for new blessings and breakthroughs.

I am so delighted to say that so far so good in Belgium, thanks to my husband, we unpacked within a week! (Unbelievable right!) I cannot wait to get to know the shops, (did I mention I love shopping!) meet wonderful new people on our street and the wider community. I believe my future is as bright as my faith! Whatever your situation is now, you should not be afraid of change. Don’t be limited by the warm pond, there is a great ocean out there waiting for you to explore.
So yes, For God, For Country and for the Love of my life, the adventure continues!
Stay Safe, Stay Blessed.
XX Mimi