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Resources are everywhere: a message for young entrepreneurs

By PrimeNewsGhana
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He used other people’s resources and you can do it too. Here is how it all began..

After one of our START CONFERENCE a young guy walked up to me “Sir I want to start a laundry business but I don’t have the money”. So I told him you don’t need money to start. He looked at me surprised. I told him; the most important thing you need is to find people who will give you cloths to wash for them. You don’t even need to know how to do the work but you MUST know what an excellently laundered cloth looks like. His eyes almost dropped from the socket. I use to think that way some years back until I understood these secrets. First know what the end product or service will look like. Second find a group of people that need it enough to pay for it.

So I asked him; “how many people can you get to pay for the service?” He had no answer. Your first business task is to; go out there and tell people you are the best thing to happen to their cloth. He did and four people took him serious and he was in business.

He came back telling me; we don’t have water in our compound and I don’t have an iron. I responded; can you get all this from your good neighbors for free? He said yes of course. Go and deliver those cloths. That was like a year ago. I bumped into him some weeks back and his story of growth was so inspiring. First he offered to do my laundries for a month, so I smiled and asked why. And he said you made me focus on what was most important. I now have 25 repeat clients. I have paid for a place. I have different pressing irons now. I have a staff in training and something big is cooking. Now tell me why I should not learn how to dance.

There is an easy start off point for that business. I used other people’s laptop for over a year when I got started online. I used to read other people’s text book and notes to make an A from secondary school to university level. Ask Dr. Ekemini Udo or you ask Etuk Odungide. Resources are everywhere for you to start up. To start a restaurant you do not need a place and shockingly you don’t need to know how to cook. Just be like me know the taste of a good meal and where it is prepared then do the needful and you are in business.

All these people who get paid 10% for land sold do they own the land? I met a guy who consults for international bodies with millions invading his account, he uses eateries as his meeting place if there is a need to meet with his clients. Every other thing is done from his room. All this N10million business plan you are writing without a realistic source it will come from are you happy with yourself? Am set let's do this.

Credit: Unyime Udotai

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