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Samson’s Take: Covid-19 not over, political leaders show example

By Mutala Yakubu
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The Covid-19 has killed over 1m people. It has robbed people of their jobs and livelihoods as businesses fold up.

It has devastated economies, and journey to recovery won’t be an easy task. The dead include 301 people in Ghana, big and small.

This is despite the fact that God has, largely, spared Africa. Government applauds itself for measures taken including unplanned spending of over ¢54 million to feed the poor in three weeks; a stimulus package of ¢600 million for some businesses; disinfecting schools, markets and supplying PPE’s to health facilities and masks to reduce the spread.

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We passed laws that saw people thrown into jail for violating safety protocols. The President, who has, through his regular broadcasts, done a great job of constantly reminding us to practice social distancing among strict observance of other nCovid-19 protocols, just extended the life of the “law” for mandatory wearing of masks.

Our leaders must not only talk but show the way. Why are they suddenly being such bad example in the midst of this public health crisis? If you haven’t followed the political campaigns including by flagbearers of the NPP and NDC, visit their social media handles and check out what they have been advertising without any hesitation.

Now watch these clips of the milling crowds at the campaigns without a sense of the times, and tell me if it is these same politicians making nCovid-19 protection laws, and preaching protection protocols?

Where is the integrity and love for these poor and vulnerable people who will mass up at these campaign grounds, and some cannot afford a mask, and won’t get anything close to the medical attention you will get if you fall sick?

The nCovid-19 is not over. We endanger everyone if we encourage disregard for the protocols and laws.