Ankaful Hospital Nurses protest Director over using facility vehicle to sell bread

By Maame Aba Afful

Aggrieved nurses at the Ankaful Psychiatric hospital are protesting the conduct of the Director of the facility, Dr. Eugene Dordoye for giving out the hospital vehicle to his wife for selling bread to her customers among other complaints.

According to them, they have consistently complained about the director’s behaviour to authorities but no actions have been taken yet about the matter.

The nurses further alleged that the hospital’s only generator which is supposed to be used in the night in case of power outages is used in the daytime for reasons best known to Dr. Dordoye who is allegedly running the place like an extension of his home.

As a result, they want him removed from the facility as his continuous stay is inimical to its development considering the number of wrong decisions he has taken and therefore appealed to the Minister of Health, Kwaku Manu Agyemang to as a matter of urgency expedite action.

The Chairman of the group, Daniel Danso Sarpong who decried the behaviour of Dr. Dordoye said he has refused to allow the Psychiatric Nurses Group to function in the hospital when the same group in other psychiatric hospitals is functioning peacefully and helping their facilities to develop.

According to the PRO, the director embarrasses and uses derogatory remarks on staff, especially nurses.

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