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Asogli State calls for massive turn-out on December 7

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
Togbe Afede XIV
Togbe Afede XIV
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The Asogli State Council has in a statement called on Ghanaians to come out in their numbers and vote Monday, December 7.

Read the full statement below;

We are very concerned about the allegations making the rounds about all manner of ploys, mayhem, and kamikaze tactics being planned to create confusion on voting day December 7, 2020, and make impossible the smooth and fair conduct of voting in certain parts of the country, especially Volta Region.

In the face of various challenges facing Ghanaians, COVID-19 pandemic, joblessness, and generally difficult living conditions, among others, what Ghanaians need is hope, not fear.

At this time when unimaginable atrocities are being visited on the black man in various parts of the world, we need to work together to strengthen the peace and create harmonious living conditions at home, so that xenophobic isolation abroad would not be preferred by our people.

So as we prepare to go to the polls on December 7, we ask all Ghanaians to keep in mind our important responsibility to contribute our utmost to ensure free, fair and transparent elections.

We all need, at this crucial time, to remember our “pledge to be faithful and loyal to Ghana, (our) motherland”. It is necessary, therefore, that we subordinate individual interest and political party loyalty to the national desire for peace, unity and development.

All of our conduct and what we say should help achieve these important objectives. Thus, the need, among others, for responsible use of social media to communicate information, but not spread misinformation.

We, once again, call on the Electoral Commission to make peaceful conduct of Monday, December 7 General Elections its primary objective. It would require, among others, that all agreed voting day and polling station processes and protocols are observed so that no qualified Ghanaian is disenfranchised, and that the elections are ultimately free and fair.

We would like to call on our security agencies to remember that Ghana is not at war. The elections are a contest between Ghanaians. They should therefore respect their various oaths, and protect and defend the people of Ghana and the 1992 Constitution without fear or favor.

We would also like to seize this opportunity to remind our politicians to respect the desire of Ghanaians for peace and our shared desire for happiness. Thus, there is a need for tolerance and a commitment to fair play during the elections.

Leadership is service, and those who truly desire to serve this nation will not resort to violence as a way of securing that right to serve. So, the will of the people, as will be communicated on December 7, must be respected by all who truly love democracy.

Finally, we want to call for a massive turn-out on December 7. Every Ghanaian must come out and exercise the democratic right to vote, and do so in an orderly manner.

Indifference will destroy our democracy, and create a breeding ground for undesirable outcomes. We count on all our chiefs to play their role in safeguarding our peace and unity.

God bless the motherland.

Togbe Afede XIV

December 4, 2020