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Covid-19 fight, self-discipline in Ghana is problematic - NDC Covid team member

By Wendy Amarteifio
Some Ghanaians not observing social distancing during food distribution
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A member of the NDC Covid-19 team, Dr Vida Yarkong says self-discipline in the country has been a problem in controlling the spread of coronavirus in Ghana.

According to Dr Vida Yarkong the call by President Akufo-Addo for Ghanaians to be self-disciplined as he has lifted the lockdown of Accra and Kumasi remains a struggle.

Commenting on the development in an interview today she said :''self-discipline I believe is a personal thing and I think that has been the struggle throughout the period of this crisis that we have been looking at. We know that in this country self-discipline is problematic.”

''It’s not entirely their fault. If you look at how the food was being distributed in some of the localities where people were locked up, one is not sure if he is going to get the food after the next person or not and so everybody is running to get their share.”

She added: “if there was a way that created confidence that ‘yes’ wherever I am, I’m going to get my food, we won’t have that indiscipline or lack of self-discipline.”

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However, Dr Yarkong said she believes education through traditional leaders and community leaders will be key in ensuring that the guidelines are followed.

 “We need to continue with the education, and we need to empower everyone around the country and do more engagement with traditional facets to be able to get them buy-in and help their people do this. We will have to do proper community engagement”,she advised.

The President yesterday April 19 lifted the 3-weeks lockdown on Accra and Kumasi, with effect today Monday, April 20.


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