District Assemblies Common Fund will be used to build new courts-CJ

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh

The Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo, says there are arrangements in place for portions of the District Assemblies Common Fund to be used in renovating dilapidated courts and also build new courts in the country.

According to her, this will ensure smooth delivery of quality justice in the country.

The Chief Justice made this known during her three-day working visit to the Upper East Region.

“We are going to have a holistic approach to address the dilapidated courts in the country. So we will try and at least begin a programme of serious rehabilitation, renovation, proper maintenance and even sometimes replacement of our courts.”

“We are coming with an arrangement with the administrator of the district assembly common fund so that, they make sure that, part of that fund if not all of it, is spent on building new courts in districts without courts and where there are, and in a mess, that those district courts are refurbished,” she added.

She further called on judges to adopt the use of technology to aid their work.

“Judges would need to adopt the use of technology in the adjudication and delivery of justice because we do see cases which have taken so long before reaching the Supreme Court, you wonder whether there is any value met by the litigants.

Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo concluded that judicial outcomes must add some value to the people who come to the courts and many times, the timeliness of delivery of justice is key.”