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Felicity Nelson goes STRAIGHT on Class FM

By Mutala Yakubu
Felicity Nelson goes STRAIGHT on Class FM
Felicity Nelson goes STRAIGHT on Class FM

She’s regarded as one of Ghana’s most popular female political analysts on radio; Class FM 's The Executive Breakfast Show.

The non-bias Miss, Felicity Naana Nelson is set to be the face of Midday radio with her show, STRAIGHT TALK, every Thursday, 2-3pm on Accra based radio station, Class 91.3 FM.

As a Staunch Feminist, Ms. Felicity believes women in the media shouldn't be relegated to only hosting lifestyle and fashion curated shows.

Hence, as the host of what is socially constructed as a man's job, she intends to bridge the gender gap and be the voice of the people by probing and holding accountable the government and its mutual associates.

Ms. Felicity studied Politics and Economics from the prestigious London Metropolitan University and will surely bring to light her experience and knowledge to analyse and tackle the seeming dysfunctional system and policies and help find alternative solutions to the socio-economic issues plaguing the average Ghanaian.

Her thorough and clinical approach exudes propelling energy which lies in improving spaces of the average Ghanaian. She's got a formidable and an enviable knack for excellence in social issues especially when it comes to female representation in the country. This triggers her drive for Women and gender equality issues which will definitely be given a boost and her audience can count on her to defend and help erase the erroneous impressions created about marginalised women and the ordinary Ghanaian while fixing regressive development.

Ms. Nelson will bring to the table the audacity and the courage to speak to power but, more importantly, the sensitivity and the compassion the carry the numerous challenges affecting the electorate in Ghana.

Ms. Felicity believes that the government must be able to structure and prioritise in order to focus on meeting the fundamental needs of the electorate.

For her fans, it will be the depth and passion-driven conversation that Felicity Nelson excites in her listeners.
Straight Talk unmistakably is predicted to be the nation's number one current affairs talk show and for the gender activist and feminist, her strength lies in the interests of the electorate and the ordinary Ghanaian.

Straight Talk is coming at a time when the big question in the heart of all peace and development loving Ghanaians is who defends the Ghanaian in their quest for a life of dignity, development and progress.

The show is slated to air on Thursday, the 16th of May this year on Class 91.3 FM.

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