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GIJ impasse: A way forward at last after Management/SRC meeting

By Mutala Yakubu
GIJ impasse: A way forward at last after Management/SRC meeting

The management and the Student Representative council (SRC) of the Ghana Institute of Journalism ( GIJ) have agreed on a number of solutions regarding the current development on campus.

On Saturday over 600 students of GIJ were prevented from writing the exams due to their inability to register.

Others were also prevented on the grounds of paying only 80% of their fees but could not complete an online registration.

Many of the students, according to reports, were unable to complete the E-registration because of its complex nature.

This situation escalated as it pushed students to demonstrate against the school authorities leading to the cancellation of a level 400 paper.

The management of GIJ today announced that Exams will continue today as they will be no temporal shut down as earlier reported.
After a crunch meeting between the SRC and the school's management, they have agreed on a number moves.

1. A window is open to students who could not pay the required amount to do so by Wednesday, 5th December 2018.

2. Students on scholarship would be allowed to write.

3. Students on students loan trust fund won't be allowed.

4. Affected students will write their papers as a resit exam.

5. Sunday's (November 2) cancelled paper will be rescheduled.

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