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John Kumah to boycot Joy News for “bondholders must not argue with the emotion” false reportage

By Vincent Ashitey
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The Deputy Minister for Finance, Dr. John Ampomtuah Kumah has called on Multimedia to immediately withdraw their false reportage "bondholders must not argue with the emotion" attributed to him and issue an apology. 

According to the Member of Parliament for Ejisu in the Ashanti Region, he never made such comments and "will never say so"

In a statement, John Kumah said Joy News picked his quote out of context and attributed it as a direct statement he made to bondholders. 

Due to this he has been ridiculed and attacked and is therefore calling on the media house to "delete this design from their platforms and issue an apology or risk me boycotting their platforms until further notice."

Read the full statement.

My attention has been drawn to a design by Joy News stating that I asked bondholders not to argue with emotions. For the avoidance of doubt, I never made this comment and will never say so.

To be clear, my comment was in direct response to a statement made by Senyo Hosi which sought to attack my personality.

I said “it becomes very difficult to engage in public discussions on emotional topics like the Debt Exchange Programme. But I am particularly disappointed in my brother Senyo Hosi because we go way back and I didn’t expect this contribution from him. For him to attack me and call me a dishonest person as well as someone miseducating the public is disappointing.

“It is very unfortunate for him to come being emotional and talking politics rather than the issues we’re discussing.”

I therefore find it very scandalous on the part of Joy News to pick this quote out of context and to attribute this as a direct statement I made to bondholders. This is clearly a case of jaundice journalism and not the first time Joy News is doing this to my personality.

Subsequently, this story has been replicated in several media platforms and has subjected me to ridicule and attacks.

Key among them has been statements by Captain Smart of Onua TV and my good friend Alhassan Suhuyini (MP) who subsequently called me stupid according to media reportage.

I find this remark from the MP to be inappropriate and wrong especially when he had not seen the full statement I made on Joy News.

To this effect, I am calling on Joy News to delete this design from their platforms and issue an apology or risk me boycotting their platforms until further notice.