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Kwaku Bonsam cautions Ghanaians against ‘spiritual money doubling'

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
Kwaku Bonsam
Kwaku Bonsam
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Spiritualist Kwaku Bonsam has cautioned Ghanaians against the various spiritual money-doubling adverts on social media and traditional media.

He explained that anyone claiming to do such things is a fraudster.

His comment follows the killing of a 10-year-old boy at Kasoa by some teenagers allegedly for money rituals.

Police have arrested two persons in connection with the murder including the priestess.

Speaking to Joy FM, Kwaku Bonsam said “I, Nana Kwaku Bonsam, say that there is no double money in this world, there is no double money in this world. The person who says he will double money for you go and look at their home, some are using bicycles, even corolla and motors.”

The traditional priest said that if these men could truly “double money” they would have been rich and could possibly double some money to help government embark on its various developmental projects.

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Unlike these spiritualists, Kwaku Bonsam said that he owned lands and businesses before he assumed the role of a priest.

He stated that thanks to these works he is able to afford the luxury he enjoys.

“You can see me use SUV car, (it is because), before I became a traditional priest I was a gas seller. I have my own gas filling station. I also do something else. (There’s a time) I went to Sapema, in Accra, The plot there was ¢19 million old cedis, and then I bought more than 252 plots, that time.”

“I sold my cocoa farm at Afrancho and Sehwi and bought that land. Now the plot is worth GH¢600 million. So if I sell 20 (plots), I get some money. Those people they don’t business, they are using their own mind to trick people, they are fraudsters, they need to put them in jail.”