NSS personnel posted to Denkyira Obuasi assured they are not in danger

By Michael Abayateye
Some National Service Personnel

The National Service Secretariat(NSS) has asked personnel posted to the infamous Denkyira Obuasi in the Central Region not to be afraid to report to duty.

There are rumors that over 100 personnel posted to the area this year, have declined their postings following the gruesome murder of Maj. Maxwell Mahama by residents.

Though the situation is yet to be reported officially, Public Relations Officer(PRO) of the NSS, Ambrose Entsiwah Junior, has asked the personnel not to be afraid to serve in the area.

"We are also hearing this on social media but what is important is that,we should not be quick to conclude that they would suffer the same fate as Maj. Mahama,"he said on Citi FM.

He added that, the impression must not be created that, anybody who goes to the area for official duties will get killed.

That he said would affect the young personnel who would require the needed concentration to work diligently as part of their service to the nation.

"They should rather be encouraged as I believe that they would be properly secured but it will be a management decision, if for some reason, their posting must be reconsidered,"he explained.