Swine fever cannot infect humans-Ghana Health Service

By Michael Abayateye
A pig

The Head of Disease Surveillance  at the Ghana Health Service,  has allayed public fears an outbreak of swine fever in some parts of the Ashanti Region could result in the spread of infections among people.

According to Dr. Franklin Aseidu-Bekoe, the disease exclusively infects animals  and there is no chance the pigs would pass it on to humans.

"There is a difference between swine flu and swine fever and what we have now is the swine fever which is purely a disease for animals. The disease cannot be transferred from pig to human after an extreme test,"he stated. Consumers of pork can now enjoy the delicacy without fear following the assurance.

An outbreak of African swine fever has reportedly hit three districts of the Ashanti Region, leading to the killing of over 400 pigs between May and June this year.

The affected communities include Adjaman and Amakom in the Bosomtwe District, Hemang near Santasi in the Atwima Nwabiagya District and Tepa in the Ahafo Ano North District.

Last year the disease resulted in the killing of some 6000 pigs in the country, hitting hard the fortunes of pig farmers.