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We locked up foreign shops to compel gov't to enforce GIPC Act - Phone Dealers Asso. at Nkrumah Circle

By Wendy Amarteifio
Circle : We locked up shops to compel gov't to enforce GIPC Act - Phone Dealers Asso.

Chairman of the National Mobile Phone and Dealers Association, Osei Agyeman says the reason for locking up foreign shops at Kwame Nkrumah Circle, was to force government to enforce laws it has failed to.

According to him, the government has failed to enforce Section 27 (1) of the GIPC Act which  bars foreigners from doing retail business in the country.

Speaking to Starr FM, Mr Osei Agyeman indicated that they locked up foreign shops to save the Ghanaian market since they claim their Nigerian counterparts have invaded the market and selling substandard goods at cheaper prices which is collapsing their businesses.

''This is because we are trying to enforce the law which the government doesn't want to enforce. We have the mandate to do so because we are Ghanaians and citizens of the country, we don't want be spectators. We want to exercise our citizenship that's why we are doing it. We are not stepping our bounds we think what we are doing is right because we want to save Ghana and all Ghanaians. I have lived and operated my business at Circle for 43 years and we have never closed Nigerian shops''

''Let me correct something, we are not locking Nigerian shops we are locking foreigners but Nigerians are the most affected because they are the majority in the area. When you come there the other foreigners you see are not even up to 10. About 600 shops have been locked. Only 10 belong to Nigerians, Lebanese and other nationals and about 590 belong to Nigerians''.

''Authorities to apply Section 27 (1) of the GIPC Act,  which that tells them to leave our market they are not supposed to do retail on our market.Its not about their prices or anything, we want them to leave ur market''.

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He added that the only reason that will make them reopen the shops for their Nigerian counterparts is to allow them clear their goods from their shops and vacate the market.

A similar incident occurred in Kumasi Suame Magazine a month ago.

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